Dart Board!!

Believe it or not.. Our team is called chuchers!! and yes I am the most pathetic player in the team!! i swear i am bad!! Well lets get into the statistics.. Our team captain is Prashant. Members are Pradeep, Shiva, Charith, Ranjana and I. U r supposed to stand behind a line and throw the pencil-like thing onto the dart board. Simple .. u may say.. but its not.. ask me ..One player is gets 5 tries for one game. And we played two games and I got one pencil on the dart board each game 😦 .. In the first game we played against some Info- Shooters or some crap, our team score was 254, prashant himself scored 102(phew)!! captain’s knock. We won it.. Next was against some team.. There was a nail biting climax. When my turn came, our team was supposed to score 10 points and me the stupid scored three n v lost 😦 .. but wt actually happnd was that we already had won during Ranjana’s turn. he he he .. I AM in the rite team πŸ™‚ .. Neways tomorrow is a new day and I promise to try my best, wt with the practice at home(I am trying to throw a pen to a point on the wall.. n I’m very very good at that).. Ok cya.. Will update the result t’rrow πŸ™‚


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