Yeah Yeah!!!

Im writing this reaallllly long after the match.. so most of the details are omitted.. the next day was the day man!! I was on fire.. maybe writing here made the difference.. the matches were about to start.. n every one was telling me play hard and all that stuff.. bcoz i sucked on the previos day.. our first match started and i was sent earlier as a precaution(so that we dont have any other nail biting climaxes).. n u kno wat i top scored.. i had this wired style of jumping wen i was throwing the arrow, but that really worked.. đŸ™‚ .. i was soo happy, the second match siva played very well.. n we won that too.. n I played quite well too.. i scored more than the last game.. but the last game none of us played well.. ranjana had not played well in the earlier two games .. but she played well in the last game.. but we lost that game.. n that too by “2” points.. very very unlucky there.. jus two points.. par kya kare.. but the good part was that i played much better.. n we made it till the semi finals…. there is one more very very important day in my life, i’ll write bout that in the next blog ..


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