Through out my life I have been looking down upon ppl who are in Love.. its the same even now.. i have always been some sort of a loner inside. I had never felt the need for a companion so far. my family i.e my parents, my cousins and my friends have made my life feel so full that i never felt the need for LOVE, of a man (or a boy) at all.. but its not the same nowadays.. i’m not complaining that ppl r not giving me time.. they are.. but some times i feel so damn lonely and frustrated.. i cant even express it in words.. i have built such huge walls around myself that no one can ever come close to me.. i have not got the ability to express myself.. my feelings properly to anybody.. not that i dont know how to talk.. to the world i am a sweet talker .. but my inner most feelings are hidden from the whole world.. its not that i want to pour it out n all.. its jus that some times i feel very lonely and there is no one i can call and talk.. no i cant even call Pavi.. i dont feel that close to her ne more.. for obvious reasons.. but i jus cant call her.. all the other friends i can have a chat wid stay abroad.. so wat do i do.. so i sit n tell stories to myself.. so i feel like running away.. maybe u’ll understand wat i am going thro if u read this post completely.. nothing makes sense.. n yes u come to kno a lot… i dont kno maybe i’ll b fine in some time .. i’ll pray for that..


MBA sucks!!!

i dont remember wat made me take it up.. but one thing i kno is that it sucks or rather i suck at it.. or maybe not.. i gave the title before i left for the management accounting paper .. now i am not soo bitter about it.. ok lemme give an account of how i am doing. first paper PPM(i dont hv the patience to type the full form) , did very very well. Then was OB.. dint do well.. may clear.. then BC .. will clear, then ME, may or may NOT.. then came the baap of all bouncers MA.. the one that i had today.. will DEFINITELY flunk.. then the last straw in my tomb.. Business Law.. lets c how that goes..

PPM – Prinicples and Practices of Mgmt
OB – Organisational Behaviour
BC – Business Comm
ME – Managerial Economics
MA – Management Accounting
BL – Business Law