Through out my life I have been looking down upon ppl who are in Love.. its the same even now.. i have always been some sort of a loner inside. I had never felt the need for a companion so far. my family i.e my parents, my cousins and my friends have made my life feel so full that i never felt the need for LOVE, of a man (or a boy) at all.. but its not the same nowadays.. i’m not complaining that ppl r not giving me time.. they are.. but some times i feel so damn lonely and frustrated.. i cant even express it in words.. i have built such huge walls around myself that no one can ever come close to me.. i have not got the ability to express myself.. my feelings properly to anybody.. not that i dont know how to talk.. to the world i am a sweet talker .. but my inner most feelings are hidden from the whole world.. its not that i want to pour it out n all.. its jus that some times i feel very lonely and there is no one i can call and talk.. no i cant even call Pavi.. i dont feel that close to her ne more.. for obvious reasons.. but i jus cant call her.. all the other friends i can have a chat wid stay abroad.. so wat do i do.. so i sit n tell stories to myself.. so i feel like running away.. maybe u’ll understand wat i am going thro if u read this post completely.. nothing makes sense.. n yes u come to kno a lot… i dont kno maybe i’ll b fine in some time .. i’ll pray for that..


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