My favorite tv shows

For a self confessed idiot box addict like me, listing few favorite shows out of the 100s i’ve seen and liked, is quite a difficult job… but lemme give it a try… so here it goes.. [btw with a great difficulty Boucher hits a four at this point for the Royal Challengers and my spirits lift up]..

my fave tv shows..

1) This one is darn easy… the first thing that comes to my mind … the famous sitcom FRIENDS.. or more precisely F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 🙂 .. A story of 6 friends and their journeys of life together. I have watched all the episodes of all the seasons atleast once.. So I can and will write a full post on that some time soon..

2) The second place goes to Garva. A serial directed by Prakash Belavadi and casting Ananth Nag, Pallavi, Nakul, Nagendra shah among others. The beauty of the serial lay in the characters of the serial. They were very well etched and almost real… A naugty Pallavi, a brooding Nikhil, an always angry Chitti, the retarted but still very insightful Vinayaka and the wise old lady played to perfection by Bhargavi Narayan. To top this all was the character played by Ananth Nag, a liquor baron with a social conscience.. the serial had top class comedy, a very well developed plot and superb cast.. and the best part was that it did not commit the one mistake most of the popular serials do.. drag on and on and loose the plot to some crappy extensions… Kudos to Belavadi …

3) Full House.. Yeah love this one too… The first thing that attracted me to this very old serial was the handsome Jesse Consaples[OOps I dont remember his real name 😦 ] .. The story about a single father with three daughters and the way he, his brother-in-law Jesse and best friend Joey try to bring them up is loads of fun.. the daughters DJ, Steffani and the cute Michelle was played very well by the 3 gals…

4)Hum Paanch.. If u hate Ekta Kapoor.. watch this serial and u’ll hate her even more… this serial, which was one of the earliest productions of the pathetic Balaji Telefilms revolves around a man, his wife, his second wife infact and their five MAD daughters. Each daughter is crazy in her own way and that made the story very interesting. The serial is also a proof of the talent that Ekta Kapoor[She is the writer] and how she threw it away to make money.. Total thumbs down to Ekta. 😡

5)The Amazing Race: The race around the world.. This ought to be the best adventure reality show… The show starts with 10 teams of 2 ppl and ends with one team as the winner. The tasks that are part of this show are very very creative and though looks quite simple at the outset.. but test the emotional and physical strength of the contestants to the core.. The Asian flavor of the show is as interesting as the western one and the host Alan Wu is definitely an added attraction 😉

6) CID: One of the longest running serials on Sony Television, CID is the desi answer to X-Files. With tight plots and reasonable performances, this one is a relief from the saas bahu sagas and a treat to the more intelligent viewers 🙂 [Me included]. The way ACP Pradyuman and his team comprising of Abhijit, Fredricks and the giant Daya go about solving the case is quite interesting… N wen Daya slaps the suspect.. we know that there’s a confession coming..

Here are some of my fave shows… Let me know urs..


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