2010 – The year of health

The year 2010 has a very special meaning in my life. My marriage enters the second quarter 😛  and is getting sweeter and spicier.. slurrrpp..!! 🙂 ..

Ok, a li’l bit background.. I am a software developer working for almost four years. So my typical routine had been get up, get ready to go to office.. go to office.. sit in office, keep sitting in office , have lunch, continue sitting in office and come back home and get ready for bed and  go to sleep. All this while exercising and being physically were always at the back of my mind but never got any action. Then I got married.. Due to much encouragement received from hubby, Mr G, in the form of goading, threatening etc etc.. I finally started walking.. And what a beautiful thing it has been..

In a smoke filled city like Bangalore( feel very sad to say so.. but its true) breathing fresh air in a vehicular noise free time zone is a true joy. Do it to believe it. Also, when u walk you get to see beautiful things like flowers and early sun rise.. which are just so refreshing.. You also get so much time to introspect(if u really a person of that kind).. which helps u keep ur emotions in check in these stress filled times..

So following my theme.. hubby also thought of doing something more(he’s always been a health freak).. He bought a cycle,a Firefox Cyclone, with 21 gears and amazingly light body. Its got a jazzy body with blue and gray both my favorite colors and we both ride on it whenever we can.. which is not often enough yet.. but…we will be there.. So the title of the post..

So to conclude, in my personal calender, 2010 becomes the year of health and the year FOR health..

Health and happiness to all..


2 thoughts on “2010 – The year of health

    • the same thing is true wid me.. but what is good is.. even now i’ve not given up hopes.. so i’ve become a perpetual dieter a/c to my dad 😛

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