Senior Software engineer

This was a post I had typed ages ago…. I have not altered it one bit.. and left it as is in the end.. 🙂

Yes.. thats me.. i got promoted.. it was a thursday afternoon..June 28th to be precise.. from almost one week.. the gossips about the impending promotions were doing the rounds.. i was tipped to be one of the people to be promoted.. but stupid pratyush dissapointed my hopes saying that Ajay had told him that there was no list from HMI this time.. A list is nothing but the recommendation of the manager given to the HR that these ppl deserve promotions.. and yes coming back to the thursday afternoon.. ajay came to the desk and called me.. dont even know wat he said exactly.. as I was listening to music.. Ravichandran Hits to be precise again.. and then he went to the other cubicles.. when i took out my ear phones and stood up i saw raghava, ashoke and charith getting up… then i think i saw akki getting up as well.. When i saw the combination of the ppl.. i knew i was promoted.. i wanted to jump.. yes.. really.. now in the hindsight it does not seem really big.. but at that moment it was.. we all including raghs and siva R went to a cabin .. i guess the second one from our test environment.. and ajay said we were all performing very badly and that was the reason he summoned all of us.. we all dint say nething.. i made a staright face trying to hide my obvious joy.. n ashoke started smiling.. ajay asked “y r u smiling ashok?” ashoke said “i am finding it funny”.. raghava said if we have performed badly we get immediate feedback from the leads.. ajay said yes leads do give feedback.. but when it goes below a certain level, thats where i step in” .. n i said ” bad is certainly not the comment i wud expect”.. then he smiled and said “all of you have been promoted” .. i was the only woman in the room .. n yes i was beaming.. :).. aja y said some nice things about all of us.. he praised