When the light is diminished…

This was in my drafts for almost ages.. I am publishing this as is because my Grandpa is no more and the conclusion for this does not matter to me any more.. at least in his case.. Taata, wherever you are, I sincerely hope you rest in peace and keep the smile on 🙂


The original draft:

My husband is not a movie person… n I am one.. so after marriage my theater visits have gone down drastically (it hurts when u have to plan as well as pay for those expensive tickets :P).. The consequence of this is that I am always on the lookout for movies whenever they are on tv.. On a week day last week while switching the channels i watched Guzaarish being aired on one of the channels.. having heard some rave reviews i started watching the movie from somewhere in-between.. i heard Ethan pleading Euthanasia..his mom, his doctor and his nurse also thinking he should die, rather than suffering the way he did. I could not watch the movie till the end as it was very late in the night already and I had to get to work the next day. I could not take a stand on the topic too.. I went to bed with euthanasia in my mind… I got up and started getting ready to go office when I saw my grandpa dozing off on our couch on the drawing hall and the previous night’s movie and thoughts came back to me with a dull shock.. Now you might be wondering what is the connection between Grandpa and Guzaarish.. So here goes the details- My grandpa, 78 years old is suffering from a very low degree of Alzheimer’s disease. He has very little control over his body and his movements and his memory is very weak. He does not have control over his urine and bowel movements and ends up urinating or defecating before he actually reaches the WC. He has a horde of other small problems like forgetting the day of the week, time of the day and other stuff. Sometimes he’s found bathing at 3 AM in the midnight or asking for dinner just after he’s finished it.