Welcome to two-oh-oNe-One

2010 was a big year in my life

* My marriage moved into the second quarter and we went on to complete one year.

* I changed my job. Quit the f*****g PFT and joined Sonata.

A lot of other small things but 2011 is going to be really big.. probably the biggest because i’m going to have a baby. Yes 3rd July 2011 +/- 6 days is what the doctors have predicted.

The year is already starting off with a major change since hubby is traveling to UK on work.. we r planning to buy us an apartment once he comes back..

So am looking forward to really really exciting stuff this year..

Hope all goes well..


2010 – The year of health

The year 2010 has a very special meaning in my life. My marriage enters the second quarter 😛  and is getting sweeter and spicier.. slurrrpp..!! 🙂 ..

Ok, a li’l bit background.. I am a software developer working for almost four years. So my typical routine had been get up, get ready to go to office.. go to office.. sit in office, keep sitting in office , have lunch, continue sitting in office and come back home and get ready for bed and  go to sleep. All this while exercising and being physically were always at the back of my mind but never got any action. Then I got married.. Due to much encouragement received from hubby, Mr G, in the form of goading, threatening etc etc.. I finally started walking.. And what a beautiful thing it has been..

In a smoke filled city like Bangalore( feel very sad to say so.. but its true) breathing fresh air in a vehicular noise free time zone is a true joy. Do it to believe it. Also, when u walk you get to see beautiful things like flowers and early sun rise.. which are just so refreshing.. You also get so much time to introspect(if u really a person of that kind).. which helps u keep ur emotions in check in these stress filled times..

So following my theme.. hubby also thought of doing something more(he’s always been a health freak).. He bought a cycle,a Firefox Cyclone, with 21 gears and amazingly light body. Its got a jazzy body with blue and gray both my favorite colors and we both ride on it whenever we can.. which is not often enough yet.. but…we will be there.. So the title of the post..

So to conclude, in my personal calender, 2010 becomes the year of health and the year FOR health..

Health and happiness to all..

My favorite tv shows

For a self confessed idiot box addict like me, listing few favorite shows out of the 100s i’ve seen and liked, is quite a difficult job… but lemme give it a try… so here it goes.. [btw with a great difficulty Boucher hits a four at this point for the Royal Challengers and my spirits lift up]..

my fave tv shows..

1) This one is darn easy… the first thing that comes to my mind … the famous sitcom FRIENDS.. or more precisely F.R.I.E.N.D.S. 🙂 .. A story of 6 friends and their journeys of life together. I have watched all the episodes of all the seasons atleast once.. So I can and will write a full post on that some time soon..

2) The second place goes to Garva. A serial directed by Prakash Belavadi and casting Ananth Nag, Pallavi, Nakul, Nagendra shah among others. The beauty of the serial lay in the characters of the serial. They were very well etched and almost real… A naugty Pallavi, a brooding Nikhil, an always angry Chitti, the retarted but still very insightful Vinayaka and the wise old lady played to perfection by Bhargavi Narayan. To top this all was the character played by Ananth Nag, a liquor baron with a social conscience.. the serial had top class comedy, a very well developed plot and superb cast.. and the best part was that it did not commit the one mistake most of the popular serials do.. drag on and on and loose the plot to some crappy extensions… Kudos to Belavadi …

3) Full House.. Yeah love this one too… The first thing that attracted me to this very old serial was the handsome Jesse Consaples[OOps I dont remember his real name 😦 ] .. The story about a single father with three daughters and the way he, his brother-in-law Jesse and best friend Joey try to bring them up is loads of fun.. the daughters DJ, Steffani and the cute Michelle was played very well by the 3 gals…

4)Hum Paanch.. If u hate Ekta Kapoor.. watch this serial and u’ll hate her even more… this serial, which was one of the earliest productions of the pathetic Balaji Telefilms revolves around a man, his wife, his second wife infact and their five MAD daughters. Each daughter is crazy in her own way and that made the story very interesting. The serial is also a proof of the talent that Ekta Kapoor[She is the writer] and how she threw it away to make money.. Total thumbs down to Ekta. 😡

5)The Amazing Race: The race around the world.. This ought to be the best adventure reality show… The show starts with 10 teams of 2 ppl and ends with one team as the winner. The tasks that are part of this show are very very creative and though looks quite simple at the outset.. but test the emotional and physical strength of the contestants to the core.. The Asian flavor of the show is as interesting as the western one and the host Alan Wu is definitely an added attraction 😉

6) CID: One of the longest running serials on Sony Television, CID is the desi answer to X-Files. With tight plots and reasonable performances, this one is a relief from the saas bahu sagas and a treat to the more intelligent viewers 🙂 [Me included]. The way ACP Pradyuman and his team comprising of Abhijit, Fredricks and the giant Daya go about solving the case is quite interesting… N wen Daya slaps the suspect.. we know that there’s a confession coming..

Here are some of my fave shows… Let me know urs..

What to write????

This is my second day on the looong weekend… but as much as I hate to admit it I’m bored.. there’s nothing interesting on tv.. no tickets available for tzp(taare zameen par.. fyi).. n i have no books to read.. so i thought i’ll do some browsing.. half an hour into that n i got bored of tht too .. 😦 .. i’ve had 6 hours of sleep during daytime y’day.. im bored to sleep as well.. yeah!!! bored to sleep.. the weather is no means conducive to go out.. so even that option is out.. so im stuck with this option.. of writing some crap in my blog.. when i have nothing intelligent to say.. so.. i will write about some one i dearly love.. but is no more.. something that was im my mind for a loong time. but never had the guts to spill it out..

Chitti .. my beautiful sis.. who chose to walk away from the world.. an year and half ago.. we both r born in the same month .. an year and two days apart.. from child hood.. we were alway treated like siamese twins. n we beahved that way .. stciking with each other every time we were around each other.. but as time passed . we realised how different we were fro each other.. she was the hot headed, volatile and dynamic person.. n i was the calm natured, balanced and obedient person.. naturally i was the good gal in he family.. watever the family percieved us as we were still on good terms.. enjoying the times that we spent with each other.. then. i did something to blow it up… though we patched up later.. it was never the same.. n both of us knew we were putting on an act.. we spent very li’l time with each other.. n completely lost track of each other’s private lives… i dint try to reach out and bridge the gap thinking she had a good circle of friends and does not need me.. maybe she felt the same .. i will never know.. and on one wednesday.. wen i came back from the office and held a cup of coffee in my hands.. we got the news that changed my life completely… first time death as an eternal loss became a reality.. n im left craving for the person i ran away from when she was alive .. was with us…

bottom line of the whole story is that in today’s busy world we dont stop n care for the ppl wen they really need it.. now wen im prepared to shower all my love on her.. she’s not there.. wen i feel like sharing something wid her.. i have to talk to a photo.. n one who has not gone through this will never ever understand the enormity of this pain.. so if u happen read this.. do remember.. the ppl in ur life also come with an end date.. and after that they are gone.. so care for them when they are with u… otherwise u will also end up talking to a photo..

in all ur eccentricities and madness was a beautiful heart.. that loved and cared.. in all the paths in front of u..
u chose to walk the path of death…

in all my life have never met a person like u …
may ur soul always rest in peace..


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, Sreeki, Karu and I started out to Rex for watching Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix missing my weekly dosage of afternoon nap.. well was it worth it?? .. Hmm .. my verdict .. 3 stars .. since i’ve not read the book.. This film is about the Order of Phoenix, which is a secret society not known to Harry till now. Harry is brought in there, when his well wishers which include the Weasleys, Cirius and a host of others come to know that the one who must not be named returns .. the film is very short and tight packed, but too much time is wasted on the nosy lady from the ministry of magic( polress umbress) who takes up the post of head mistress at Hogwarts .. the fight b/w Albus Dumbledore and Voldermort is very well picturised.. but should have been longer … the training sessions of the Dumbledore’s army that is formed by Hermoine, Ron and Harry to give the students some practicals of the spells taught in school are quite fun .. The saddest part of the story is when Cirius Black, Harry’s Godfather dies trying to save him from Lucius Malfoy and gang… So, if u have read the book .. the movie will not be up to the mark as many details are omitted.. but if u haven’t(like me) .. u may as well enjoy the movie to a good extent .. only thing is that u should know about the previous versions.. So give it a try and Njoyy


I named my blog Mystique bcoz of two reasons.. one.. i had a faint idea of wat the word meant.. and had some connection to another word that i like mysticism.. and two .. i wanted to sound intelligent 🙂 .. but then i got a new doubt … does the word really exist?? so checked out dictionary.com and found some interesting meanings..
so here it goes..

mys·tique [mi-steek] Pronunciation KeyShow IPA Pronunciation –noun

1. a framework of doctrines, ideas, beliefs, or the like, constructed around a person or object, endowing the person or object with enhanced value or profound meaning: the mystique of Poe.
2. an aura of mystery or mystical power surrounding a particular occupation or pursuit: the mystique of nuclear science.


My holidays r over.. so are my MBA exams.. i cant even say how i’ve done.. bcoz my preparation was soo bad that i dont even know if the paper was tough or easy.. so back to Caritor (ooops) Keane from tomorrow.. same old cubicle, same old ppl.. n too much work i guess.. yesterday i so badly wanted to b in office n today im completely disinterested.. hmm.. maybe t’rrow being in the office itself will change everything .. well .. will tell u tomorrow