Free Advice

If you ask what are generally humans and especially Indians very good at..? I would say Free Advice :). So, what does one do when they have a lost a lot of weight and are being complimented quite frequently about how they are looking better and better? They give free advice. So this is what this post is going to be all about. Free advice on how to lose weight.

As I had confessed in this post and later updated in this post, I had started the fitness thing back then. There are no numbers in either of these posts, but here it goes – At my heaviest, I weighed 77.6 Kg and I have come down to 62 Kg. That is around 15 Kilograms lost! More importantly, I feel much better about myself and am able to live life with a spring in my step 🙂 15 Kilograms might not be a big deal to a lot of people, but I did this with a full time job and a small kid, with a frequent social calender to add and I am darn proud of it!! A lot of people ask me .. What do you do? You look so nice.. Let me tell you there is no ‘one way’ to lose weight. Its the combination of multiple things and a will to go on even when the results are slow that will give you the results. Here are some of the things that worked for me.  Besides, all of us know things that are written here, just that we need some constant reminders. Is it not? Everything written here might not work for you, but try a couple of them and see how it goes:

  • Cut back on your portion size: Weight loss at the highest level, is simple math. The calories consumed should be closer to calories burnt or they get stored as fat. So, if you have to lose some fat, you should consume lesser calories so that the body starts using up some of the fat previously stored in the body. Cut back on the portion size gradually, so that you do not feel a dip in your energy. Typically, if you are eating 3 rotis for dinner, start off by eating 2.5 rotis for a week and then reduce it further. Be sure to find out the difference between controlling portion size and starving. And do not skip any meals. This will have a reverse effect where your metabolism will go down drastically.
  • Drink lots of Water: Drinking lots of water has a lot of benefits, but for me the most important thing is that it makes me feel full. When you feel full, you will go slow on the binge eating. Water is also supposed to help increase metabolism and do a lot of other wonderful things. Most importantly, it is zeRo calories. Win – win
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes: Aarghh.. Not the dreaded E word you say? But Exercise is “the way” to have a healthy body and keep it too . Weight loss and fitness work really well, only when it is achieved through a combination of healthy diet and exercise. Exercise is known not only to keep the body healthy, but it also keeps the brain active and sharp. If you are reading and planning to follow some of my pointers, most likely you are some one who is not into exercise already. The tip for getting the exercise  habit is to start off. Do not spend too much on the shoes or the gear. You can do that later. If you do not have the time for exercise, just start off by doing five minutes of stretches or spot jogging. Come on! Who does not have five minutes? Alright, you do not have five minutes? Make it. How? Five minutes less of TV/Facebook/Sleeping, Mobile games etc etc. You get the hint. Dont You? Come on. Get Moving.
  • Eat fruits and veggies: When I started out to lose weight, I was not eating too many fruits and vegetables. So to make up for that I started having fruits on Tuesdays for both breakfast and lunch. Dinner would be some light rotis and absolutely no rice. You may not have to do something so drastic, but the idea is to supplement the carbohydratess like rice and rotis, with vitamins and minerals in the Fruits and Veggies(FVs). You can substitute a part of your meal with some salad. For Example, you could cut down from 3 to 4 rotis to 2 rotis and a veggie salad or a big banana. This will do wonders to your overall health. Trying different FVs is also very important, as they have different components which are good for our general well being
  • Weigh yourselves often: I weigh myself almost every morning after I pee. It also helps if you track it. There are easy tools online to track it or you could just jot it down in a notebook. You may say weighing often may be a big deterrent, if you are not seeing too much results. I would say, it would be a great reminder. It helps us remember the personal goals that we have set ourselves on and motivates us to do better. Even if you dont weigh yourself as frequently as every morning, do it at least once in every 2 days. If you are over eating, your weight is a very good indicator, which will help you keep those stray calories in check subconsciously.
  • Keep the stray calories in check: This is one of the most important disciplines to learn for some one who is trying to lose weight. What are these so called “stray calories” you ask? I say, they are the calories we consume, when we are not actually feeling hungry. We walk by the kitchen counter and pop in a cookie. We open the refrigerator, and in goes a candy. A friend has got some sweets. We take just half, because we are on a diet and then through day many more halves go in, thinking “its only a small piece, wont make much of a difference”. Let me tell you my friend, every calorie counts. Every calorie you avoid, is a point earned towards better health. If you look at some of the calorie charts, you would see some of the desserts are close to 1000 calories and how much does walking briskly for 30 minutes burn? 100 – 200 calories, based on your speed. The point I am trying to make here is if you avoid the additional calories, you would have avoided that much hard work. And the hard work that you actually do, will be used to burn the fat that is already stored in your body. So keep those stray calories away! Learn to say NO, first to yourself and then to others.

These  are some of the things that worked for me.  Do try them out and let me know what worked for you 🙂

Keep them burning !!!



Update on this post:

I have been walking pretty regularly except for the week that I stayed at my parent’s house. During that time I played badminton with my li’l cousin Ananya a couple of times. So the fitness drive is on, not in the top gear though, but definitely on.

So, why is it such a big deal, you ask. It is a big deal for me because i have a history of NOT sticking on to any habit, any “GOOD” habit. Journal writing, dieting, exercising and a lot of other things that I have tried have fallen off my daily schedule after a week or two. Sustaining a habit for a month is a big achievement in itself and I am very proud of it. I have to give the credit for this to my internet Guru Leo of Zen Habits. In one of his posts he says “Just put those shoes on and walk out of the house” when talking about creating an exercise habit. I just followed this blindly and I am very very happy that I did.

Also, I am beginning to see the benefits of exercise, my weight saw a downward trend after a really really long time and that itself is a big motivation for me to carry on. So, lets c how it goes..

Wait [Weigh?? :)] n Watch … 🙂


Out with it:

Yes, I am overweight obese and my body needs an overhaul, a major overhaul.

Now that I have confessed, let me begin from the beginning. I have been overweight for a long time now. But not any more. Now I am obese 😛 . i delivered my beautiful handsome boy last year and gained a lot of post natum kilos. I could have exercised when I was on leave and with my baby, but my laziness got the better of me. Continuous consumption of food without any exercise kept piling the kilos on my body and I had come to a stage where my body creaked with pain at the slightest possible exertion. It came to a do or “cry” stage. Even simple things like sitting cross legged, or walking a stretch became very tiring or almost impossible. Thats when the realization dawned on me that I had to do something and NOW.

The problem with me is that I am very self conscious(don’t ask me who is not).. I was such a bad case that I would not get up and go to pee if my parents were around. While I became comfortable with getting up and going to the rest room when others realized what I was doing, accepting the fact that I was fat and I needed to do something about it in front of my family(read hubby and in-laws) was very difficult. But then, when things got desperate, I grew up and discussed my health issue with them.

Fast forward to the beginning of this month. For the few days of the week, i did Yoga. What magic! Just coupla days of doing this for about 20 minutes made me feel so much better that I have made a life long commitment to Fitness, in whatever way I can. By walking for 5 mins if not 50, by cycling, by yoga. This is just the beginning and a fit “ME” is a dream , whose reality is miles and miles away, but this time I am ready. Ready to be criticized, ridiculed because I dont do things regularly. Ready to go on, even if the results are slow, ready to do it for no one else but me. I have already faltered, missed doing yoga couple of days. Went walking y’day, but did not go today. But this time I will make it. Because I know my weaknesses and am ready to overcome them. And most importantly, I am going to be easy on myself.

So here’s the deal. I will come back in a week or 10 days and I will update on the progress, not on weight change, but about how regularly I am able to do the “Fitness things” and how is it making me feel.

That’s a promise!

2010 – The year of health

The year 2010 has a very special meaning in my life. My marriage enters the second quarter 😛  and is getting sweeter and spicier.. slurrrpp..!! 🙂 ..

Ok, a li’l bit background.. I am a software developer working for almost four years. So my typical routine had been get up, get ready to go to office.. go to office.. sit in office, keep sitting in office , have lunch, continue sitting in office and come back home and get ready for bed and  go to sleep. All this while exercising and being physically were always at the back of my mind but never got any action. Then I got married.. Due to much encouragement received from hubby, Mr G, in the form of goading, threatening etc etc.. I finally started walking.. And what a beautiful thing it has been..

In a smoke filled city like Bangalore( feel very sad to say so.. but its true) breathing fresh air in a vehicular noise free time zone is a true joy. Do it to believe it. Also, when u walk you get to see beautiful things like flowers and early sun rise.. which are just so refreshing.. You also get so much time to introspect(if u really a person of that kind).. which helps u keep ur emotions in check in these stress filled times..

So following my theme.. hubby also thought of doing something more(he’s always been a health freak).. He bought a cycle,a Firefox Cyclone, with 21 gears and amazingly light body. Its got a jazzy body with blue and gray both my favorite colors and we both ride on it whenever we can.. which is not often enough yet.. but…we will be there.. So the title of the post..

So to conclude, in my personal calender, 2010 becomes the year of health and the year FOR health..

Health and happiness to all..