Bye bye 2012

2012.. The year where everything was supposed to end.. Is finally coming to an end and except for the year nothing much has ended.. So here are a few things I would like to jot down..

Biggest biggest thing is that my son turned a year and is growing up really fast. He can say small words, understands what we say and is a happy young thing. And very cute too.. Don’t believe me?? See for yourselves ūüôā


Mamma.. I’m not cute!!

We bought a brand new Maruti Suzuki Ertiga VDI model  in July, which is amazing. This has changed how my hubby and I look at travel. This led to the other big thing which is that I traveled out of Bangalore, on a vacation to Wayanad with hubby after a really long time. This is a big deal for me because being a travel bug, not travelling was one of the things that were bringing me down big time. We enjoyed the travel so much that we have made a commitment to travel again as soon as possible. This time full family though..

Daddy got retired. But not much of a difference, because he has taken up some or the other teaching assignments and is as busy as ever. He is going to be busier next year when he will join the staff of

ACS college which is on Mysore road and will involve a certain amount of travel.

The best thing of this year is probably the way my personal life is going. From roller coaster of anger and love it is moving towards a smooth sailing phase of understanding and acceptance. Where the shouts are lesser and whispers are more. I am not going to say more here. It might get jinxed:).

Happy new year all of you.[Or Me- The writer and the sole reader of this blog ;)]

May you have great health and lots of happiness in the coming year